Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Why is it that.....

we do so much more on our days off than we do on our planned days?

Tuesday is our planned day off after our very full and busy Mondays alhamdulillah. The boys found a frog in the garden today, they studied it at length and had to be convinced that it would not make a very good pet! They then went happily off to find somewhere suitable to release it in the process having a great discussion on what was and wasn't a suitable habitat. They eventually put him to rest in a perfect place just right for frogs. Well done boys!

Much to my disgust, which I had to hide of course, they also dismantled their dead butterfly and made slides out of it. A good use of a dead butterfly I suppose! They were talking about taking its insides out for examination on a slide at one point and only agreed not to when I pointed out that they would all be mashed up so no use for examination purposes. Phew. We got a microscope kit from the car boot sale that had gum media and stains included so they have been dying to find an excuse to carve something up to make slides. So now we have slides of a butterfly's wing, proboscis, antennae and leg. They are not perfect but are a very good try - well done again boys!

The boys also went cherry picking with their dad which left just enough time for me to have an afternoon nap with E. Once you get past a certain age afternoon naps have a strange appeal. When the boys came back we spent some time running around and playing in the garden....... the boys had 'mop' horses and were holding a jousting competition whilst I ate cherries to my hearts content. Well done again boys! If only they would do writing and math of their own accord everything would be just about perfect!

DH has decided that he doesn't want the kids to eat in between meals alhamdulillah, this is great step forward as it is usually him that feeds them between meals. Things are moving onwards with great speed alhamdulillah.

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