Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New, new approaches

So I've thrown away the maths workbooks (well filed them away, I wasn't brave enough to bin them) and started teaching maths without them and it worked out very well alhamdulillah. We started off by doing an oral session going over the times table; counting in 2's, 5's and 10's; days of the week; months of the year and seasons. After doing the months of the year B asked which month he was born in. This escalated into them phoning friends and family to find out which months they were born in and making a bar chart. We then input the information into Excel and made it into several different charts.

What a wonderful lesson, they don't get this keen or involved in their workbooks - they just do it quickly to get it over and done with and don't really take anything in. I think we will continue this way with our lessons, they are definitely learning more and enjoying it! Bonus. All the children wanted a turn on saying things by themselves to show how much they knew and the biggest challenge was getting the older ones to keep quite while the younger ones had a go - but they managed it in the end mashaAllah.

The second part of the session will be to do some sums in an exercise book or loose leaves for their folder. Will need to suss out what they like most to make it that much more appealing inshaAllah!

A is slipping into moan mode again so I am ignoring him until he asks nicely in a 'happy' tone and with a smile on his face. He is working it out inshaAllah. The kids are still trying to pitch DH and I against each other but we are standing firm alhamdulillah and seem to be winning!

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