Sunday, 20 July 2008

Whisked of our feet...........

Well minutes after my last post my husband whisked us all off to London for a couple of days to see my mum. MashaAllah, it was so nice to see her but such a short visit - never mind! The kids all enjoyed seeing their nan and didn't want to come home - it's a shame we don't see her more often, 'A' was trying to convince her to buy the house next to ours but she wasn't keen. Oh hum!

Well, I have had a sore back since we got home so not much structured stuff going on here I'm afraid..... but we did have a lovely day yesterday making 'costumes' we made knights helmets, swords & daggers and all sorts of stuff. It was lots of fun! Sorry don't have any pics as I left my camera in London :0(( Today 'A' has been catching up on his reading and the kids have really been interested in loads of stuff, asking so many questions about books they have read or looked through that it has made my head whirl. They have all been trying to write of their own accord and were disappointed to miss out on their 'Saturday Class'. We also cleaned up the tank to get it ready for another attempt at growing triops..... we have a desk lamp this time which is the variable in this little experiment so I hope they will live as long as our friends triops inshaAllah (they even had a baby hatch! A grandmother at such a young age!).

Have done lots of preparation for our joint classes tomorrow, I am amazed at how much I am learning never mind about the kids. We do have an experiment for science so I know they will enjoy it inshaAllah.

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