Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Busy doing nothing........

This is how it seems when you home educate informally. Hmmm lets see what have we been doing..... well on Friday we got up early and went to the sports center to book 'A's summer sports session however, the sports center was shut! So we went to the charity shop (a long standing promise I'm afraid) and then met a friend and the boys all went off to Jummah together - Ahhh!

We had a meeting in the afternoon to plan our group sessions until Ramadhan. At home time I lost 'A' who ended up staying with his friend for a couple of nights and went swimming and trampolining on Saturday (much more fun than being with me apparently!).

As for those left behind they went to their Maths & English class on Saturday and Quran Class on Sunday. Other than that I know we have done loads but I am unable to recall exactly what! I know we read more about butterflies and did some stuff together in relation to science.

Well that's all I can remember............. how frustrating!

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