Sunday, 22 June 2008

Blessings of sisterhood.....

Saturday started with a friends daughter coming to look after the kids so I could go shopping for food and clothes for myself - a rarity I assure you! Clothes not the food that is! 1. because when your a mum you seem to come last on the list for everything and 2. because I hate clothes shopping. However, I wanted something nice to wear for DH's homecoming so I bravely headed out to the local shopping center. SubhanAllah, how stressful! Even though I had a friend on the video phone helping me to choose outfits, which was a laugh and did help, I probably still lasted not much longer than an hour, I tried on 6 items of clothing and then gave up and left empty handed. I have decided I am too old, or too impatient, for the hustle and bustle of town centers and will stick to Internet shopping in the future. I then hit Asda for a food shop and headed off home fit to drop, which may have had something to do with me not going to bed until about 4am the night before.

Whilst I had been running all over the City the kids in the meantime, had been having a wonderful time. MashaAllah, the sister (an energetic teenager we will call Anuty A) is such a blessing she is great with the kids and they love having her over to play - in fact they did a video message asking her to come the day before bless them! It also means that I can get on with other stuff that usually gets put aside so that I can see to the kids. So, they had a day off from work and just played and I managed to get my desk cleared for the first time in weeks, alhamdulillah. Aunty A made the kids exercise or do balancing tricks everytime they raised their voices or complained - it was so funny and they really enjoyed it, not sure I'll have the energy to continue that idea though!

Today, we all woke up really late which was nice and mooched about a bit before finally having breakfast about 11 o'clock. I had some typing to do for a friend so Aunty A, who stayed over, looked after the kids whilst I typed mashaAllah! They did some work, although not much, from their workbooks; and I typed. 'A' worked on his Nelson Thornes English book whilst whining and 'B' did some math but I think that's all we got out of them today. The two younger boys made some kites with carrier bags and 'A' made another cake, all by himself mashaAllah, and I typed. Aunty A started the roast and was helped in the later stages by her mum whilst I typed. Yummy! Have I mentioned that I have a proper cooker now? Did enjoy the copy typing though, allowed my brain to switch off - it doesn't get to do that much!

They kids also made shields 'n' stuff so that they could 'transform'. Some time was spent checking out the Ant Farm and we now have four pupating caterpillars - although none of them have managed to stay hanging upside down from the lid of the pot (not sure if they have a poor grip or the enthusiasm of little ones have caused them to drop)! It's so exciting seeing this transformation and a reminder about the wonder of Allah's creation. We had a good discussion about how Allah protects the butterflies during this stage of their transformation and the exciting stuff thats going on inside that seemingly uninteresting pupa. The kids also found a tiny red spider that they caught in an observation pot - we identified it as a red spider mite, not good for the plants apparently but harmless to humans (which pleased me no end!).

'A's still being whiny, 'B' wants to be really intelligent (apparently) and the two smaller ones have been stropy today, but we have had some sneezing and runny noses not sure if it's hayfever or colds, only time will tell. Little 'E' asked me today if her baba (father) was ever going to come home! Ooooh, I just had to give her a hug, I don't think I'll be booking any more long trips for DH for a while inshaAllah! They have all decided that they are going to stay up all night on the day that DH is due to come home, I of course have told them that he is coming home 2 days later than he's due inshaAllah - can't be having that! I really want to spend more time with them but there seems to be so much to do before DH comes home and I have so little time and even less energy. A friend is going to cook for us mashaAllah so at least I don't have to worry about that inshaAllah. It is such a blessing to be a part of this wonderful sisterhood and have the help of good sisters around you, I really appreciate their help and sometimes don't know what I would do without them 'bailing me out'. I find it difficult to ask for help as I was very independant before I embraced the deen but my dear sisters still manage to suss out what I need and do it anyway mashaAllah. Allah bless them and their families with the best of this life and the next inshaAllah.

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