Thursday, 5 June 2008

The good days.....

Ahhhh, today was one of those home schooling days that went like a dream. Kids up early math and english out of the way and on to some fun stuff.....well almost. After a strop I got 'A' starting his Non Fiction book from Nelson Thorne - found out I had been doing it all wrong and he should have been doing one unit from the Fiction and then one from the Non Fiction.. oh well a short game of catch up to do there then! Other than that it went with a breeze alhamdulillah. The boys did some math worksheets that I made using the Schoolhouse Math Studio program - it's working out really well alhamdulillah. The boys work through the CGP math workout books and any problems that come across we do some extra worksheets printed up from Math Studio, it's so cool because it takes only a few minutes and I can tailor the worksheets to their needs. I must save up for the English one inshaAllah.

We also did some extra work on our plant topic which didn't get finished during our joint teaching sessions. DS2 and DS3 did some work on electrical circuits. DS1 started a story about Transformers. DS2 made a Transformers costume out of an old box and everybody made models using 'tongue depressors' - you know those things that the doctor holds your tongue down with when he wants to look down your throat, oh how I hate those things.

The kids spent some time in the garden; 'stole' the hose pipe and made a lagoon which they, but not I, loved. Although they were quite considerate and built a wall around my flowers so they wouldn't get waterlogged. I also spent time in the garden and because of the lovely weather managed to empty my wash basket - a feat not to be underestimated I assure you. I was surprised at how much the plants had grown in the last few weeks and made a promise to myself to get some topsoil and compost and sort out the garden, we have plants waiting to be planted, re potted and lots of weeding to do! After all that exertion I had a much needed afternoon nap with the smallest member of the family.

We ordered the ants for our Atlantis Nature Reserve today so I guess that means our project has officially started! The boys, led by Head Ranger 'A', have prepared the ant farm so I guess the next step is to get some ionised/distilled water to hatch our triops. The buzz of anticipation about this project is catching and I hope the eggs hatch or the kids will be terribly dissappointed.

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