Saturday, 28 June 2008

Days off..........

Today we finished making our 3-D shapes using nets from Sen Teacher but somebody crushed my dodecahedron and I have to make it all over again **pout**. We are going to play games with them where the kids have to match the name to the shape, we will of course talk about the names and how they relate to the shape and other things in the world, number of faces, straight and curved lines/faces, count sides etc (I think you get the picture) we may also do some measuring and stuff with them too InshaAllah. And when we have finished 'playing' with them we are going to make a mobile with them. I may also make a card game with them using the picture card generator at SEN Teacher. This is a brilliant site well worth visiting, you can print off 3-D nets, literacy and numeracy fans, game cards, picture cards, literacy dice, handwriting sheets, sheets for reading and drawing clocks, crackerjack wheels and much more - and it's all FREE. You can enter your own information on many of the resources to suit your own teaching needs, a fantastic resource that I use a lot. They also have free learning games to download but I haven't investigated them yet!

Kids played on the computer; DH has decided that he only wants the kids to play on the computer once a week for a short while each which I am more than happy to implement, Alhamdulillah. 'A' has been reading lots of the Usborne Pocket Science books that we got from the Book People. 'B' has been making a real effort with his reading and it took me quite a while to convince him that he still needed to complete his reading programme even though he could read a whole line of a 'small writing' book. More transforming Lego models have been built and it's a shame but they build so many of them that my wonder at them is diminishing - must make more of an effort InshaAllah. Did some Qur'an and some reading practice, we have our teacher coming tomorrow InshaAllah.

I am, in the meantime, taking the opportunity to plan for the next few weeks InshaAllah taking special care to make sure the little ones are catered for. In accordance with the hadith I don't usually do any structured learning until they are 7 but these two little ones want it - probably because their older brothers are doing it!

Well we haven't done very much over the last few days and I feel a bit disappointed. I guess I had visions of lots of learning going on as it did in the first couple of days of our week off but I suppose not everything can go to plan.

The kids have been a bit weird behaviour wise for a couple of days but I think they are just testing the water now that their abi is back; trying to sort out the adult pecking order I suppose. DH and I have shown a united front and InshaAllah this will continue and it's working out great Alhamdulillah. If both parents are at home and the kids ask to do something we have been telling them that they need to leave whilst we discuss the issue and then present the answer to them. They used to use us against one another so hopefully this will put an end to those kinds of situations.

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