Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dooms Day has arrived...

Well it finally happened! That moment I had always dreaded ever since placing that electronic data handling machine (otherwise known as a PC) on my desk..................... it crashed. That numb feeling when you turn on your PC and nothing is there is indescribable. I just sat. With jaw dropped. For about 30 minutes. Just looking at it. The slow realisation of all the information and hard work that I had lost.... then I texted my brother. As I always do in a PC crisis, he is very good and very patient and always manages to sort me and my PC out, God bless him. Thankfully he helped me find all my documents but I have had to spend the last few days reinstalling programmes and lamenting over my lost Email Address Book. But I have survived this minor setback relatively unscathed, although I'm now intending to back up my documents a little more often.

SubhanAllah, I was amazed at how much I rely on my PC without even realising it.... photos and valuable documents scanned and downloaded, kids home school work and presentations, study units, website info for work, research, lots of plans etc etc this list could go on forever. How did it all happen? I don't think I like depending on a huge lump of plastic and metal like that but how can you get away from it? If you have any ideas let me know inshaAllah. In the meantime I will continue as normal and you lucky things (not) get to read my literary ramblings again.

As a Muslim I should be relying only on Allah and not on these physical 'things' that seem to control my life so much. Why do we panic so much about the things that happen we can't control? Allah help us to rely on Him only and be thankful for His provision inshaAllah. Make dua.

Well, that explains why I haven't written for a while but I am hoping to write more often as long as my PC doesn't sulk again inshaAllah. Apologies.

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