Sunday, 29 June 2008

Car boot addiction

Today DH fulfilled his promise and took us all to the car boot sale to get the kids some toys as he came back empty handed from Turkey. What a place..... subhanAllah, I know people that go every week without fail. It's like an addiction, always craving the next bargain fix. Bargains that they don't really want or need. If only they would put so much energy into worshipping their Lord! All that being said I did get a couple of bargains myself; a brand new microscope pack (being as our last one apparently leapt onto the floor and broke all by itself) and a solar system puzzle and fact pack. It was too hot, too much grass pollen, too many people and way too many greasy bacon rolls being consumed but we did have four happy little ones mashAllah! I think this will be my first and last visit to a car boot this year inshaAllah.

Well after our exciting morning at the car boot the kids came home and played with their new toys and I cleaned the front room ready for our Quran teacher. MashaAllah she is such a lovely lady, so patient, I pray that Allah grants her entry to Paradise and keeps our lessons going well inshaAllah. 'A' decided he was too tired to have a Quran lesson and was sure he was going to get it all wrong and look stupid, he didn't like our teacher and didn't want to learn Quran. So we had a medium sized confrontation and I told him that missing his lesson was not an option (I could hear my godly tomatoes guru whispering 'outlast him' the whole while, and so I did). He went in, reluctantly when he realised that he was not going to win. When he was finished he came out smiling with a 'you was right' look on his face. I resisted the temptation to 'rub his nose in it'. 'B' on the other hand is doing very well mashaAllah but he has to have a break in between or he just loses concentration - mashaAllah the sister has got a good routine going with them.

We also baked biscuits today which didn't last long enough to see the flash of the camera but they were lovely and so quick and easy to make for the kids; just 8oz of butter, 30z of icing sugar and 60z flour. Cream the butter and sugar together and then slowly add the flour. Cover with sprinkles etc if wanted then bake at 180 for 6-8 mins. 'A' said they melted in his mouth.

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