Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another bug filled week!

Well we are still ill and with the beautiful weather we have on offer I though it would be a great idea to go outside and explore the properties of water in the family paddling pool (lots to talk about here: three states of water, why water splashes, why things float and sink, we also discussed surface tension, and how pressure works in water and pushes fluid up a straw, global warming etc). So we all (yes, me too ;0))) got in the pool for lots of fun and learning whilst relaxing. I should also point out that I was in my 'dress' and we are blessed to have a sun trap in our garden that is completely private and not overlooked alhamdulillah. It also helped to keep the kids temperatures down too (bonus!).

I recently purchased a hydro-pneumatics kit so when we are all better this will follow on nicely inshaAllah.

Other than this we have done very little education wise because of the 'lurgy' so the kids have just been getting on with whatever they felt like doing which resulted in DS1 building a small motorised thing (he claims that from his research it could be classified as an non-programmable robot but I'm not so sure it meets the criteria). I fought the urge to critisise it immediately - as he had done a lot of research and reading about making robots - and pondered momentarily about the fine line between encouragement and preparing them for 'real life'......I came to realise that I have a migraine, am very hot and do not have the patience to critisise 'constructively' so had better just be quiet! We can't take back the words we have already uttered and damage can be difficult to repair......

DS3 also discovered how to make a circuit with a few odd wires and a battery - he then found a propeller and added it to his circuit to make a fan mashaAllah, his face was a picture mashaAllah (I feel so blessed to have been there at that moment) he was so pleased with himself. I was promptly instructed to lay down on my bed and be fanned, I of course complied but only in order that his build could be tested; honest!

Now it's just bath time and bed to tackle and then I can get on with some 'real work'.

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