Friday, 26 June 2009

Adjectives and bargains

Well we have all been ill this week so not much planned (or even unplanned) education going on! But I did pick up a bargain at the aptly named 'Bargain Depot' the other day that has kept us all busy for a couple of days, I know you're all excited so here it is......

This really was a bargain, we got the set for £5 as the box was open and we also had to spend £3 on replacement parts from the Lego Replacement Parts Service so £8 for a set worth £60-80. My boy has wanted one of these for sooooo long, but never complained when I said no and now Allah ta'Ala has rewarded him with a set alhamdulillah. It's quite a monster; its an Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport Walker from the Star Wars series and is an impressive 42cm high and 24cm wide.

We also managed to finish our 'adjective snake' from the Jolly Phonics teachers book..

Apologies for the picture, my phone is my camera and I also had to put two photos together as it was so long.

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