Friday, 19 June 2009

Imagination is a wonderful thing.....

MashaAllah, you can give children a box of 'stuff' and they will inevitably come up with something amazing mashaAllah and today was no different. I gave DS2, who was bored, a box of stuff that included polystyrene, parcel tape, glue, paper, round lolly-sticks, propellers, motors, crocodile clips, batteries etc and he used these items to build this wonderful power boat mashaAllah and below is a little film of him testing it in the bath....

The maiden voyage identified a couple of design issues which he quickly identified and came up with solutions, he also worked out how to make it go forward and reverse....clever thing mashaAllah.

We also had a refresher lesson on nouns (common, collective & proper), verbs, pronouns, plurals and adjectives - we all made up a part of a crazy paragraph on the whiteboard and the kids had to identify and underline the noun, verb etc etc. We also mad an adjective snake using the Jolly Phonics grammar Book 1 - even me and a friend had a hand in decorating a section of the 'snake' pics to follow inshaAllah.

We also did a refresher on time and practiced reciting the times tables, the boys then went on to play some multiplication games online.

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