Friday, 3 July 2009

I love these long hot summer days but not the nights too much.... we have all had very sleepless nights because of the heat and the lack of sleep is beginning to show in all of us; we are getting decidedly grumpy! So a large part of today has been sorting out disputes between the kids (arggg). I also had appointments this morning so left them with a list of questions on the whiteboard that they had to research and have answered by the time I got back - babysitter doesn't always = no work!

We have also been doing lots of revision of the kids madressah work as they have an exam at the beginning of August - I was a bit worried about how they were going to react having never been tested before but they are being quite nonchalant about it so far...let's hope it continues I am not very good around stressed people 'cos I am sooooo laid back I don't always 'get' why they are panicing.

Anyway, after some more experimentation on the properties of water in the pool we actually built some stuff using our hydro-pneumatics kit and this is what our first build looked like....

We also played (for the longest time) a DK game called Silly Sentences we had lots of fun and I thought of lots of ways to extend the game and get them writing **grin**, will let you know how that goes inshaAllah. It's a great little game mashaAllah with all the different parts of the sentences in different colours i.e. nouns = orange, conjunctions = yellow etc
I am definitely on 'unschooling' kick at the moment and I really do feel that it works better for us I am definitely a better learning facilitator than I am a teacher. I was getting the 'I have nothing on paper' feeling again - however, there were some great tips on the IHSAN Forum that put me back on track mashaAllah.

We also did some planting in the garden, learned all about DS1's new pet (a Venus Fly Trap plant: sorry but I have enough to do without looking after real pets! lol).


ummrashid said...

I enjoyed the video, maashAllah.
I would so like my sons to be interested in technical things, but they are just not.

Umm Adam said...

Assalaamu alikum sis
JazKhair for your comments, the boys just love to do anything 'technical' but there dad is much the same so I guess it's in the genes lol. As for the video they are more than happy to video their 'presentations' or use it to demonstrate their understanding than write about it so that's what we do for a lot of the time.....I must put up some of their other ones inshaAllah

Fi amanillah xx

ummrashid said...

Well, no technical genes in either myself or DH, so I suppose that's the explanation then!
Looking forward to some more videos, inshAllah.