Friday, 3 February 2012

Library Homeschool Group

On Wednesday we got to walk [in the freezing cold I might add] all around the local area to take photographs with proper SLR digital cameras. The kids thought it was fabulous and even the smallest 4 year old was encouraged to use the camera and was able to take pictures without any problems - if only we could have influenced the subject matter he chose! The outreach worker had photos of different landmarks of the area from times long past and the kids were asked to take photos of the same spot today so that we can see how it had changed. Lego and Sprite also noticed that there was a diving/extreme sports shop near one of the sites and discussed the changes in how people spend their leisure time! We also handed in our disposable cameras and images from these and the digital cameras are being processed for us to look at next week.....can't wait! Sorry we were so busy taking photos this week that I have no photos of them 'doing' to show you!

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