Friday, 3 February 2012

Library Homeschool Group


We had a wonderful day at the museum.  We were collected by minibus; of course the kids loved this and it was a real treat for me not having to worry about getting everyone there and parking, yay!  We were split into 2 groups and began our behind the scenes tour.  We got to see and learn how paintings were restored, how the museum stored and acquired it's exhibits, we learned how fossils were prepared and put together and we also had quite a long stay in the taxidermy department.  The boys, in particular, loved all the skins and stuffed animals [hence the pictures, I was pushing a wheelchair so Lego was in charge of the camera!] and we spent quite a time learning how animals were 'stuffed'.  We also got to see all the sea/water creatures stored in jars [I felt like I was in the middle of some evil doctors lab LOL] and all the collected and preserved insects.  The private areas of the museum had a certain smell and feel to them and you felt very special to be allowed to see it all.

Then, after some tea and biscuits, we learned all about the Ancient Egyptians; we got to walk around some of the exhibits and had the Egyptian death rituals explained to us. We also got to see a typical Ancient Egyptian kitchen and learned how food was prepared and cooked.  We got to handle some original artifacts and the kids got to put cloth body parts in the correct canopic jar.

It was a great day, enjoyed by all!  Sorry for the poor photos, lots didn't come out for some reason.

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