Friday, 3 February 2012

Library Homeschool Group

We missed the first week of this project as we were all poorly; in the first week they looked at old and new photographs of different landmarks in the are [places of worship, terraces, victorian buildings etc] and discussed how things had changed. We had done this before as part of one of our projects so hopefully we didn't miss out on much.

This week we got to look at lots of different cameras from different eras and learned how they worked and we got to play with them too...the kids loved this session and asked lots of good questions mashaAllah. All the kids were also given a disposable camera to take home and take photos of their week; homes, food, hobbies, days out etc...they were given advice on how to take photos and some different techniques they could use and were advised to take a few photos every day so they didn't use up all their pictures too quickly. Of course, most didn't listen LOL!

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