Thursday, 1 September 2011

Loving the art journaling...

I'm not sure why this love has kicked in with such vengeance today but I think I'm going to HAVE to splash out on a proper art journal for myself...I am really enjoying doing this with the kids and my head is just about exploding with ideas that I would like to do.

Well, back on to the kids lol. Today Daisy's journal seemed to be heavily influenced by something I was doing on a project and a longing to use the grown up crafting materials, lol.  I have started doing the 99 Names of Allah with her and our journal entry today was based around the name 'Al-Malik'.  She decided that she wanted to do lots of collage but that I had to do the cutting out [arggg, I hate cutting out].   So she painted the pages with a coat of white paint [it was from a Crown match pot] and then did some patches of colour with acrylics and stamped butterflies images randomly over the pages. Not sure if you can see it but she also sprayed the pages with my purple glimmer mists. She then used some letter tiles I have to spell 'Al-Malik' and then we [well I] typed the translation of the name in English with the ayat from the Quran that we discussed in relation to this name.  She coloured in two of the words with pink [as always] pencil and chose some sequin mesh and a couple of pictures from the internet that she wanted to glue onto the page.

Well here is her entry in its full glory.....

We haven't done much else today as the disk in my back has 'popped' just a little but I am hoping to get back in full swing for Monday inshaAllah.  The boys have been building with the Lego all day and have been very quiet in consideration of my injury [bless] and hubby has done all the cooking and tidying, all in all I had a very relaxing, quiet day!

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