Friday, 2 September 2011


Daisy's journal has inspired the boys so we have two new journals on the go and Crash also did a page in his journal.  Personally, I think they liked all the cutting and sticking and getting their hands on my personal stash of craft supplies....well it's 1am and they have finally finished and I am off to bed, there's just enough time to show you what they created; the first is Crash's [he comes out with some stonking quotations; I don't know where he gets them from and he always manages to catch me by surprise, lol].  The second one is Sprite's, he's very patient and creative mashaAllah.  The last is Lego's journal and yes he did have to have a pic of Lego on there didn't he?  He has some very interesting ideas but is very impatient and loses interest if things don't work out as he expects mashaAllah, he did very well with one hand I thought!

Sorry about the photos, not sure what happened there I'll try and sort out some new pictures tomorrow inshaAllah.

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