Friday, 9 March 2012

Smash It!






This is a 'smash/junk journal' I made recently.  I have contemplated making one of these for a long while but this is my first attempt at actually doing one!  I really enjoyed making it and will definitely be making some more, they would make perfect gifts! The idea is that they can be used to paste in pictures/tickets/memorabilia from trips etc. as well as having space to journal/vent if necessary.  In this one I also included patterned pages for photos etc, lined paper for writing and acrylic paper for painting/sketching.  


Nafeesa's Blog said...

Love it mashallah. Where do you get the materials from sis, like the scrapbooking paper and 'stuff'.

Also how would it be if I wanted to buy something like this off you to give to some one as a gift.

Umm Adam said...

Jazakillahu khayr sis. I get a lot of paper from Ebay or; it can be expensive but I do enjoy it as it helps me to wind down. I also art journal with the same materials about life and things of the deen which happen to blow me away at that particular moment. This of course doubles its usefulness (or maybe just justifies my buying it lol).

To buy a handmade journal like this one of approximately A5 size with roughly 50 pages (including art paper) would be about £20-25 depending on the theme etc...I would also include some embellishments etc. so the recipient can personalise it inshaAllah.

Nafeesa's Blog said...

Thats a really good idea as I often stumble upon some inspiring and touching hadith/ayaat/sayings etc but dont have a specific place to keep them in. I store them on the computer which I can never find later on because I cant remember what I stored the document as etc.

Yea I looked on ebay ages ago when I saw a youtube video on scrapbooking but I thought it was pretty dear. Perhaps I could try experimenting and make some more of my own paper, I really like making marbling paper at the moment. Will defo keep you in mind sis for when I want to give your lovely work to someone as a gift inashallah. Im going to be making some one a memory/keepsake box so going buy some lace and need to get some jewel'y' bits to stick on. Cant wait to get stuck in inshallah when kids are in bed. Ill blog some pictures of it when its done so you can give me your expert opinion!

Umm Adam said...

I look forward to seeing your finished box inshaAllah although I'm a long shot short of an expert lol. Wassalaam xXx