Friday, 9 March 2012

Library Homeschool Group

We've had a couple of meetings at the library group since my last post; the first of which we all got to don white cotton gloves {oh the excitement they caused!}and handle lots of interesting things...
A Homepride Man  (scared the life out of me when I was a nipper, lol!)
Old Newspapers
Wafer Press
Rocks & crystals

Hippopotamus tooth
Lions Claw
Hippopotamus tooth
Mammoths tooth

Dogs skull
Baboons Skull
Caimen Crocodile Skull

Inside view of a shell

The kids just loved this session and were thrilled to be holding real skulls and stuffed animals (yuk!).  Daisy was also dead chuffed that the librarian, following a question from Daisy about how the scanner thang worked, let her check out all the books and explained what was happening everytime a book was scanned.

The following week the kids had the launch of their photography project which sadly marked the end of their  work with the museum for now!

The launch was a great experience for the children with speeches and local authority dignitaries and some lovely grub, the kids were bowled over and really enjoyed the afternoon.  However, despite all the lovely displays - that included their photographs; which was the whole reason everyone was there - my kids were obsessed about that fact that I had worn a pair of platform shoes {I never said the 70's was renowned for it's style} like the ones on display and that my father had worn a pair of the crepe soled shoes also on display {he was a teddy boy back in the day, lol}and would depart this knowledge upon anyone who would listen...including the dignitaries lol.  There were also some craft activities for kids and mums to do and I got to try some block printing...I just mentioned on a sisters blog that I would love to have a go at block printing and praise be to Allah I now had the opportunity.  It was great fun but I don't think I'd better give up the day job just yet lol; here is my humble effort.


Nafeesa's Blog said...

Wow thats awesome mashallah, which libary is this!

Umm Adam said...

It at Highfields Library 10am-12pm on Wednesdays. Sometimes it's really exciting and others are just sewing, drawing or reading etc; do come along inshaAllah!

Nafeesa's Blog said...

Really?! Oh wow thats so close to me mashallah. Ill have to try and go along this week inshallah. I knew there was some sort of homeschool club thing going on there but I didnt realise itd be that interesting mashallah! Jazakillah kheir for posting about it. x