Monday, 15 August 2011

Peaks and troughs!

Well our slight peak has unfortunatelty troughed! What started out as a promising week education wise dipped with the return of my lack of sleep! But we have done this...

Inspired by Umm Tafari the two little ones started a visual journal however, they wanted to start it 'NOW' and I didn't have any spiral bound books but I did have some scrapbooks so we used those instead. The first one is Daisys, she did start off trying to do blow painting but the paint was too thick so she ended up scrunching up paper and dabbing, there are also some flowers made with thumb prints and some material flowers stuck on. I was worried that they would be dissappointed as the blow painting didn't work out but they were pleased with the overall result mashaAllah.

This is crashes journal, he wanted to do handprints on his and painted all our hands and made each one of us put some hand/finger prints on it somewhere lol...he even said that he wants to do a page inside on the theme of families with each of our handprints; I think he may really run with this inshaAllah.

Lego has actually started putting his WW2 lapbook together and produced these two mini books..the first one he put a lot of effort into and it looked great with some great but amusing factual writing [he is actually very good at writing mashaAllah]. The second one...well, it does what it was meant to do but the effort is just not there...this drives me made with him, he is so inconsistant with his work standards! Arggg, he can really let himself down sometimes.

We are in the middle of a garden revamp and hubby [for some strange reason] got the kids to dig this huge hole anyway, it got filled with water and they put their small dingy in it for a paddle...they really made me laugh, they were soooo happy floating on what was basically a deep puddle and it kept them entertained all day. They have also been helping hubby put up fences; apparently cementing and playing with hammers, saws and nails is so much more entertaining than maths and English!

Sprite figured out how to make a water pistol using a hydrolic could have seen it working/spraying but for some reason we couldn't co-ordinate the picture taking with the spraying!

I have been given a copy of 'Just so Stories' by Rudyard Kipling and the illustrations are beautiful - the photo doesn't do them any justice at all I'm afraid - so tomorrow I am going to read it before they start their visual journals to see if it inspires them at all.

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