Monday, 15 August 2011

Apologies Sprite...

I forgot to add the beginnings of your nature are some pictures inshaAllah. He was given, as homework for English, the task of making a nature journal which will be added to as they move through the book they are reading and this is his effort for that God willing.

Every page is made from a 12x12" sheet of paper and is folded to give a maximum of 3 pockets for tags and has a flap that opens to give two big spaces for journeling or photos. He learned how to make this pocket book from a You Tube tutorial [of the many, many available] and it was soooo much fun [although he needed help with the inches thang]; we also played around with the gluing an sticking of the pages for a slightly different look to each page. Sprite, is in the process of decorating the pages and adding information - he has only started the green page so far. Eventually he will make a front and back cover from card and the pages will be punched and bound together with string, ribbon or 'D' rings so that it can be added to if he wants...we'll see what takes his fancy!

Here are the 3 pages we made so far with binding strip on the right and you can see the, as yet, undecorated tags in thier places.

Here is a page showing the flap open from the front side giving a photo/journeling space on the right and the pocket on the left.

Here is the same page with the flap open from the back side giving a 'double page spread' lol - sorry about the orientation of the picture!

Watch out for updates on his progress!

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