Monday, 20 April 2009

A one time only, ever

three posts in one day.....

I just found the photo of an off the cuff activity that we did a while back but I thought it was a good example of what can be done on the back of a good book inshaAllah.

This activity came about because of an unplanned story time which was supposed to quieten the kids down - a great example of how unschooling can work. I asked my youngest to fetch a book from the bookshelf and he brought back a book called 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plan' it is such a wonderful book so much so that it inspired the kids to make the props that you can see on the display (i.e. bow and arrow, clouds etc), do a play that we video taped (I will spare you the rendition here) and make this display where the kids wrote what all the items were and, at the bottom, a general idea of what the story was about.

Apart from all this creative stuff there was lots of discussion about climates and their effect on food supplies and live stock, and also about how our lives differed from those of the African tribesmen. Great homeschooling day.

Here are a few online study units either using or based around this wonderful book:

Teachers Link - Part of a bigger topic on Africa but can be used on it's own
Literature Units - scroll down to 'Africa' where there are quite a few lesson plans using this book
Scholastic - Extending geography - climates
Journeys and Destinations - Teaching unit
Unit Study - Teacher recommended lessons

These are just a few plans that I found in 5 minutes I am sure you could find much more but I do recommend you read it with your kids if you haven't already - maybe plan first as I am sure we missed out on lots of learning opportunities by not planning.

Have fun!

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