Saturday, 18 April 2009


We, well I, have a horrid cold alhamdulillah and I think the kids are next inshaAllah. I was feeling fantastic until the cold hit and then it all went a bit pear shaped, it does strengthen our immune systems though alhamdulillah. The kids have been to madressa as normal and we all stayed over at a friends house on Thursday evening, what a treat. Not only did the kids thoroughly enjoy themselves but the mums had a great time too alhamdulillah. Mindsprinting for the maths and English as normal and I am considering working through this grammar and punctuation book with the kids,

it looks quite good mashaAllah. I have never really bothered much with grammar before as a lot of it comes with reading I feel but I thought I'd better start now that DS1 is 10...

We also spent an exceptionally fun morning in the park when the kids were working out how forces were at work in helping them play - there was the round-about that you had to walk round to make it move. They were discussing why it was moving and how they could change it and how they could make it move faster by walking in time (of course there was also a lot of falling down which only increased the enjoyment), this led to me remembering a discussion about resonant vibrations and amplification and a story about a bridge that collapsed in the 1830's because the soldiers were marching in time which amplified the force being exerted on the bridge (similar to the Millennium Bridge, London when it started to sway excessively when the pedestrians were inadvertently stepping in time) click here for more info. There was also these spinning pole things that show the effect of centrifugal forces, speeding up and slowing down by moving in and out from the central pole. Also how they can use a small force of their legs back and forth to make a big movement on a swing etc.

Who said a trip to the park couldn't be educational eh ;o)!

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