Sunday, 29 March 2009

Curiosity, cakes and colour.....

It's funny what a new day can bring..... firstly DS1 decided he wanted to learn again alhamdulillah. Next we had a strange discussion about what plastic surgery was in the car this morning (lots of education goes on in our car; Quran, times tables, off the cuff debates and discussions - a captive audience lol); what it was, who has it done etc and when we came home they looked up some info on the www and found about about a US socialite who, in an attempt to win back her unfaithful husband, spent $4 billion to make herself look like a big cat - her husband was a big fan apparently - and now a once beautiful woman looks horrific. The kids were so shocked that people would want to change the beauty that Allah Ta'ala has given them that a wondrous piece of literary ginius ensued (lol)..... it goes like this:

Why would someone change the face
that was given to them by Allah's grace
they won't find happiness in their life
at the end of a surgeons knife
happiness comes from within
and true beauty comes with your love for Him, Allah

OK it still needs work but I am a very happy mummy never the less.

I also decided that each day one of the children could help me choose and make a snack on our return from madressah - we get home about 9am and the kids are always hungry. It means that they get a little bit of cooking and math in and a bit of time with mum. This week DS2 made these.....yummy

The kids also wrote about the colour and light experiments that we did at Brocks Hill Park and we mounted them on black paper mashaAllah... It was wonderful to see all their different writing styles and it was great to see how much DS3 remembered when he was messing about most of the time....

We also did lots of math and english from mindsprinting; and I am also still trying to work out a new routine with madressah to fit in now but I am sure it will all come together soon inshaAllah.


muslimah trying to home edu said...

Assalamu alaykum sister,
I just found your blog!! So nice to see you in the blogsphere. Love the idea of having each day a little helper in the kitchen.
BTW, have you recognized me?
;)wa alaykum assalam

Umm Adam said...

Salaams dear sister

Not recognised you just yet, another clue maybe ;0)) Jazakillahu khair for your very kind comments, kids just love to cook and I never seem to have time for them to cook otherwise, this way everyone's happy inshaAllah. Wasalaam x