Thursday, 13 November 2008

Time flys.........

Well doesn't it just! Been a while and of course lots has happened. We had a good Ramadhan and invited some friends over for Eid mashaAllah but we all missed DH.

Well, our joint teaching group have finished their lapbooks (will try and post some pictures inshaAllah) and we have just started back at our joint lessons again with the new topic of 'The Weather'. I am approaching the teaching a little more prepared this time alhamdulillah and have even managed to set homework (so far!). I think everyone is enjoying it inshaAllah - it is definitely a very interesting subject with so many reminders of Allah's wrath and mercy all in one thing and lots of new duas to learn too inshaAllah. May Allah protect us from his wrath, Ameen.

The kids have settled down into a routine now and seem to be enjoying it. We have just started using a free online math tutoring programme that was recommended on one of the blogs I visit. It is an online assessment test in math and English (American) called Mindsprinting. Your child takes an online test and it sets up a personalised programme for them with daily worksheets to download. We use it as a curriculum as I feel that worksheets are not a brilliant way to teach (although they do use them sometimes) and its great. DS1 panics aboutmaths worksheets so I copy the work into a exercise book for him or cut up the worksheet and make little manipulatives/mini books and glue them in his exercise book. See below but please ignore dates...not sure whats going on with this camera.....blah....blah....modern technology...... wouldn't have happened in my day.... blah....blah.....blah!

DS2 doesn't mind worksheets and just gets on with them. I tend to spend a lesson explaining new concepts and try to break up the week so they are not doing worksheets every day - we will spend a day doing hands-on stuff, or working on the white board etc.

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