Friday, 12 October 2012

Brave Writer Discount

For those of you that may be interested in puchasing the Brave Writer program the chaps at Homeschoolers Buyers Co-op have a 50% off deal that expires on the 31 October 2012 - so go on over and check it out.  Join up if you haven't already you can get some great deals.


Umm Raiyaan said...

Assalamu alaikum Sis,

Pray you and family are well. This looks great masha'Allah. Have you bought it yet? Wanna go 50-50? ;) x

Umm Adam said...

Wa alaikum assalaam sis, how lovely to hear from you. This is definiately a great little scheme however the funds I had put by for it have now been consumed by Road Tax and MOT so I have to save up all over again and will unfortunately miss the discount period :0( xXx