Saturday, 11 August 2012

Enjoying the outdoors!

We've been out quite a lot since we last looked in {so very long ago}. We spent some time in London with my mum and have spent almost every fine day out and about. Other days have been really relaxed with child led activities including maths, english and baking among others including some excitment caused by flooding in the garden!

The boys have all taken up archery and basketball and are loving it. Lego has had a couple of camps {one of which I got called to collect him from and get him to the hospital with suspected menigitis.  Alhamdulillah [praise be to Allah] it turned out to be a much less serious HSP but it does involve fortnightly bloods etc to make sure it hasn't spread to the other organs. It's not very common apparently and Lego had a torrent of student doctors asking to look at his rash; he wasn't very pleased especially later when he was getting really tired and grumpy lol! He has also reached level 2 in his canoing and now helps in assisting with the younger cub groups that come for canoing sessions.  He was also tasked with helping the younger scouts at the last camp and he is really enjoying the responsibility mashaAllah [as God has willed].

Crush and Daisy have had a long break from Cubs and Beavers not sure of the reason but as it fell in Ramadan I wasn't disappointed; it gave us all a chance to relax a bit Alhamdulillah.  That and the fact that our car has broken down too. Crush is really enjoying his archery and is taking it all very seriously and they are all really looking forward to getting back to it after Ramadan inshaAllah [God willing].  Having no car has also meant that Lego has had to become more independant and has been cycling to the other side of town to go to his activites along with the very kind assistance of a special sister that has volunteered to collect and drop him off to his evening activities mashaAllah.

Here is just a little of what we have been up to...
Bug hunting!
Sculpting in the sand with friends..
Fun with measurements
I was suprised at how much a measuring tape can occupy young chldren
Sprite did this all by himself...
Flooding in the garden...a tornado apparently but it didn't do my veg a lot of good!
Lego's strange rash {that kept us at the hospital all night...}
Making necklaces
This is Daisy's attempt at making me a healthy lunch
The kids spent a couple of days playing with the 'electric stuff'; this was one of Sprite's creations.
Two out of the four went on a day trip to Thorpe Park with the Scouts
Alphabet matching games & alphabetical order


Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

That rash does look scary, subhannallah. Everything well now?

All of their activities look inviting. Were the sand sculptures at the beach? Love the healthy lunch. That made me chuckle. That is something I can see mine attempting. We don't have scouts during the summer either. That will restart hopefully next month.

Umm Adam said...

Wa alaikum assalaam sis, alhamdulillah I was just so pleased that it wasn't menigitis; I had a friend that passed away with menigitis so it was quite scarey for me. He is OK now alhamdulillah rash still comes & goes and he doesn't like having his blood taken but is grateful that that is all that needs to be done. Unfortunately, it wasn't at the beach just the local sand pit! I am hoping to get to the beach before the year is out tho providing I can lay my hands on a car that works inshaAllah. The kids are really looking forward to getting back to scouts, they don't usually break but alhamdilillah it's worked out well for us!

ummrashid said...

Wow that arm looks like severe septicemia!! So glad it wasn't alhamdulillah.

Umm Adam said...

Wa alaikum assalaam Umm Rashid, alhamdulillah Allah is merciful - one of the leaders on his camp is a doctor so he got 1st class attention all the way. xXx