Thursday, 10 May 2012

Asthetics are important!

At least to Daisy anyway! Trying to get Daisy to 'remember' numbers, letters etc has been a real battle...I know she can do it, I just don't think she 'wants' to do it.  So, in an attempt to encourage her to 'remember' more, I made her this maths book; and it has worked!  She loves her 'pretty book' and has been doing regular maths with no problems ever since LOL. 

We have membership to as part of a group and have access to their downloadable workbooks; it is one of these that forms the basis of this book.  They are great little workbooks that include lots of  'hands on' activities that the child can do in addition to the main lesson.  I separated each topic with card & tabs and put a pocket at the beginning of each topic to store any manipulatives that she/we could make to give a hands on aspect to the topic.  I also included extra plain/squared paper after lessons that I thought could be expanded and worksheets from other sources that I thought were interesting.  She's loving all the hands on stuff and is 'remembering' everything that we are doing...the others are also showing an interest and are complaining that I haven't made them one!

Front cover.  I added her name, title and decorated the binding ring with ribbons and charms.
I added tabs on a sheet of card to separate each topic.
And lastly I added all the worksheets and bound it all together.


ummrashid said...

Oh, I haven't found those downloadable workbooks, where are they on mathletics?

Umm Adam said...

Wassalaam sis, you can access them via your parents account. They have workbooks for the Spellodrome too; if you like them you should download them before our subscription runs out in August inshaAllah. Wassalaam xXx

ummrashid said...

JazakAllahkhair, will have a look.

umm K said...

MashAllah I love this idea!

My soon to be 6 year old is just th same....and what you said about you knowing your daughter can do it but doesn't want to resonates exactly with me subhanAllah...and thats what I find most fustrating sometimes!

I love your maths book idea alhamdulillah....will be pinching this for my mini class room! JazakAllah khayr for sharing this!

Umm Adam said...

Jazakillahu kharan sis. It can be very frustrating at times but this seems to be doing the trick for now lol. I sometimes feel that she doesn't want to grow up either and that she sees having knowledge as a 'big girl' thing. May Allah ta'aa make it easy for all the HEdders inshaAllah. Please 'pinch' all you like ;0)
Wassalaam xXx