Friday, 6 April 2012

Lazy Days

Sprite, Crush & Daisy are did another play at their tutoring session; can you guess what it was?  If you guessed Goldilocks and the three bears then you guessed right.  Sprite volunteered to make all the masks again so we printed off these cool 3D masks and he painted them and customised them using some fur from the hood of an old coat...he gave the daddy bear a beard too lol!

We have also been enjoying the sun and have had some long afternoons in the park with friends and have been digging over the garden and have managed to get one little area done and placed the raised beds reading for planting.  It sounds easy but we had to dig it all over [not easy with clay soil!], level it out, lay the weed membrane and then wheelbarrow over heaps of sand and shingle.  We were soooo tired at the end of the day we just had to have a take away for tea.
 We also began to demolish the 'oven' that hubby spent so much time and money on and I am so pleased that it's on its way out of my garden!  Can't wait until it's all gone.

We have holidays from Scouts, the library  home school group and madressa so have been taking it really easy; giving me lots of time to plan and think about the way I want to go with the children's education.  Group tuition isn't really working out for Sprite because of his dyslexia.  One of the main things that the educational specialist said he needs is to be over taught any subject and he isn't getting this at tuition. He understands and gets all the worksheets etc correct on the day but he is not retaining any of the information. On the other hand he does enjoy it and it is giving him confidence to see that he is on the same level as his peers - but I;m not convinced that's going to last!  Need to do a lot of thinking about where to go with him!

The colder weather has left us all with colds but God willing we will be back to a proper learning schedule next week.


Anonymous said...

As salaam alaikum,

We have a lot of clay in the soil as well. Did you have to add topsoil? Do you like the raised beds?

Umm Adam said...

Wa alaikum assalaam sis...yes the clay soil is very difficult to work (not to mention getting it off your boots lol) and not easy to grow in either! In the past we did dig in lots of top soil and/or compost into the borders which did help but was too expensive to do for the whole of the garden alhamduillah. Hence, the raised beds which we are loving... you do need to water them regularly as they do dry out quicker but they are much easier to grow in and the fruit/veg grows faster too as the soil in the bed is warmer. In fact we are planning to add at least another two as I would like an asparagus bed inshaAllah. Just love asparagus!

Wassalaam xXx