Sunday, 29 January 2012

No more apologies...

for my complete lack of discipline in posting to this blog.....the fact is that I just don't have the time and that's just the way it's gonna have to be until the offspring get full time jobs, will do the housework for me or teach themselves. None of  which I can see happening soon!  I do somehow feel guilty for not posting more regularly and sincerely thank all of you that continue to follow us on our rocky road and I apologise for any and every time now and in the future for my complete tardiness.

Enough of what we haven't been doing; it's time for some of what we have been doing....

Well we have had poorly children all over the place and we have been at home, nursing this horrid after another they fell, with one symptom fading out and another taking its is never ending but we seem to be on the up now thank God.  But apart from the coughing, headaches and vomiting it has been nice snuggling down and reading lots of books, playing games and drinking lots of hot chocolate.  It has also been very heartening seeing the children that are well taking care of the ones that arent - each with their periods of ups and downs, so sweet!

Not so sweet however, is this armoury of rapid fire rifles made from Lego that fire elastic bands.  While I can admire the boys' technical ability and all round cleverness I am not too happy at the sight of elastic bands left laying all over the house.  And just when you think it's all over hubby, being so impressed with their modelling skills,  went and bought them a whole new box of elastic bands each. Thank you darling. Arrrgh!
Lego also made this 'mech' from paper using a template he downloaded here.

They have also been messing about with the box of electrial stuff and Lego built this alarm which operates using touch sensors. 

Inspired by Debbie over at My So Called Life and Other Lies we have also been rolling some candles from natural beeswax sheets.  A fun little activity that kept us all busy for a while. 

I have also ordered my seeds for this year and we are looking forward to a bountiful harvest, by the Grace of Allah, and have a whole garden revamp to begin in the next few weeks, weather & illnesses permitting.  The kids and I are really looking forward to getting going with this and to enjoying the garden when it's finished inshaAllah.

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