Friday, 18 November 2011

Soooo, yet again the Historical Banquet has been put on hold because of our illnesses and the homecoming of the prodigal son [or father in our case].  We tried to change the date but couldn't find a time to suit all; we do intend to go ahead at some point God willing so watch this space!

So what have we been up to....hmmm....well....not much is the answer! We went to stay with grandma which was lovely....the kids had giant sparklers and played football with their cousins among other things.  Sprite has been inspired to finish his owl project so we are aiming to finish by the end of next week God willing.  Lego has been doing this [again!]:

The little ones have been doing this:


This was an animal workshop run by Pets at Home. The kids got to handle rabbits and guinea pigs but unfortunately couldn't hold the reptiles as it was feeding time and the staff wasn't prepared for our visit as 'it was in the diary no one put it on the board'.  The young man [oh, that phrase gives my age away!] running the show did a fab job and was very patient with us answering all our questions and more.  Sprite was very impressed with the way the chap talked about the animals and that he got to handle them everyday and announced that when he was 13/14 he wanted to get a part time job working there with the animals.  The workshops are free so check out your local store and see if they can accomodate a visit, it's good fun alhamdulillah!

Sprite has been cooking again and made a lovely Lemon Drizzle came out of the oven whilst I was out and by the time I got back hubby and the kids had demolished it so no pictures I'm afriad!

We also held a small gathering for some friends that we hadn't seen for a while; it was lots of fun but we had a complaint from a neighbour that the boys were making too much noise playing dodge ball in the garden... it was past 10pm but we didn't realise that it was so late so now we're off to organise an apology cake!

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Thanks for your comment, could you please send me a link to the youtube link everyones talking about with Fiona? afraid I havent seen it, Thank You! :-)