Sunday, 17 July 2011

Then came the Romans...

Today we enjoyed a fab Roman Army Day at the Jewry Wall Museum. They have one of the highest remains of Roman masonry in the country. The day was organised and run by the volunteers of the Friends of Jewry Wall who did a fantastic job I have to say, it was one of the best organised days I've ever been to and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Firstly we had a look around the museum and was able to talk to a Roman doctor who explained the equipment on display and was very, very patient in answering all the children's questions. Then was a guided tour of the Hadrianic baths [basically built during the reign of Hadrian who also ruled that mixed bathing would no longer be allowed], some centurion training and lots of crafts to do. We will definitely be going back!

The Senator and the Centurion inspecting the troops...

The Centurion training the troops:
The troops beating their shields to taunt their victims just before they charged:
The troops practicing their 'tortoise' formation [not bad for a bunch of newbies eh!]:
Centurion training in progress:
The bath wall..the largest remains of of a public building in the country:
They children practicing their sword skills using the Gladius on the training pole:
A model of the complete site:
Exhibition of Gladiators fighting:
A traditional Roman kitchen:
Food and herbs available at the time of the Romans:
A Roman wall painting:
A floor mosaic [I know you guessed that lol!]
What a great way to kick off our project on Ancient Rome.

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