Monday, 2 August 2010

The last camp (I hope!), Stig and cooking.....

OK this is getting a little tedious for me so you guys must be near tears so I won't go on too much about the camp, promise! Anyways, DS1 returned from his Muslim Scout Fellowship camp a little taller (he is now a tall as hubby, lol!) and very bouncy mashaAllah. It seems they had a great time albiet slightly scathed from a few horrid kids but they seemed to have survived admirably mashaAllah. Him and his friend seem to have renewed and revived their flagging friendship too alhamdulillah! They appear to have more appreciation for each other alhamdulillah as they realised a lot of other boys that were there were really horrid! Anyway, they did kayaking, built rafts, archery, assault courses and they had a great camp fire session where they sang nasheeds and did some improvisation! Hmm, can't remember what else, although it is like getting blood out of a stone trying to get all the details out of him.

For last weeks 'Stig of the Dump' homework I asked the kids to design a sandwich and write instructions on how to make it. As a little extra incentive I said that at the following weeks lesson we would buy the ingredients an make them. They were so excited, my friends daughter even jumped up and down cheering...I don't think I've had that response to setting homework before! So the following week we had some wonderful sandwiches for lunch...they were actually really, really good! They were sooooo good that we didn't stop to take pictures ;0( however the other mum did get some pics of them preparing so as soon as I get them I will post them inshaAllah.. They managed to prepare all the ingredients and meet their deadline; a superb job mashaAllah, even if it meant we didn't get any 'Stig' done this week..

This inspired the others to want to do cooking so for the following time we were together DS1 & friend were given a budget and had to choose and plan a menu for 10 to be served by 12.30pm ish. The next youngest for each family were tasked with producing the pudding. This is what they produced....

A fruit smoothie...their own recipe which was verrrry nice mashaAllah....I couldn't get enough of it and I'm not even a smoothie fan!Pasta with chicken.....a bit bland but the littlies liked it!They actually had some chicken breast left over so cubed it and coated it in breadcrumbs and fried....very nice!For dipping the above they made a tomato based dip and a honey based dip....also very nice..This is what it looked like all laid out....awwwThe two younger ones also made smoothies, these had milk, peaches and lemon and were delicious....
And chocolate cake which was also very nice....despite being flat as a pancake as it was made with out of date flour, lol. As you can see it was very popular and smelled so nice I couldn't fend off the kids long enough to get a picture of the cake in its entirety.
They all realised where they had made mistakes and seemed intent on rectifying them in the next meal inshaAllah.

They: made their shopping lists; purchased the items needed; worked with money; manged time and stuck to deadlines; selected and planned a menu for 10 people successfully; measured/weighed ingredients; followed instructions; worked to health and safety guidelines; worked with others in a team; cleaned the kitchen after use and probably a few more skills that I have forgotten to list....I love unschooling...and so do they it seems, they are raring to go for next week...yummy!


Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

They did a wonderful job, maashaa Allah. Did it really feed 10?

Umm Adam said...

Wa alaikum assalaamu

Alhamdulillah, there was more in the pot, we had to keep topping up the plate cos they were determined to serve it on the black plates lol!

It's good to get them into good habits, so they can help their wives lol!