Thursday, 1 April 2010

Twists and turns of HE

Our home education has taken a slight, very exciting, turn away from lapbooks and has moved on to scrapbooking...... scrapbooks/mini albums are usually used for keepsakes etc but I decided that we could adapt them for our home education ...and that is exactly what I did. It's a great opportunity for the kids to use art in their work and use their creative talents.
DS1 was studying frogs after finding some spawn in a pond so I decided I would make him a journal/scrapbook for him to use during his study. I was hoping it would inspire him to use this approach for himself and it seems to be working (more on that later inshaAllah)... here are some pics of the journal for you to visualise what we are doing.....

This picture on the front of the mini album is painted in watercolours...the background and the title are stamped

Here are the first two pages, 'about the scientist' and 'about this study'...both pages have been distressed (no, not by me shouting at them lol) and decorated with various frog noises or pictures.

Three of the pages have pockets where you can add 'tags' that can hold additional information (I just LOVE, tags...just ask my friends lol)...this one has a frogspawn pull and info & pic about a frog on one the other tags, there is space to journal/write on the other side.

Here are two pages to write down facts..

Back of another tag..really like this one!

Page for 'life cycle' and writing space

Space to draw or put clipart of frog skeleton

Back page

If I had thought about it more I could have made the book more meaningful, added more prescriptive pages that would make the child do more research etc....are you with me? When I gave this to my son, he was over the moon - I almost cried as he was so happy! He was inspired to make his own mini album which I will post later inshaAllah.

I am loving this new approach and so are the kids....I have another few requests to do now lools!


ummrashid said...

MaashAllah that is beautiful, but it must have taken you ages!

Umm Adam said...

Assalaamu alaikum sis

JazakAllahu khair for your comments... these actually are really quite easy to make and don't take long at all and the effects are amazing...still can't get my head round it all. I must warn you though that you need to be controlled with the craft purchases as it could easily get out of control! ;0)

Wassalaam xXx

tranquility said...

looks amazing mashaAllah .))