Saturday, 24 May 2008

Teeny Tiny Baby Steps......

Well today was a mini success I think, although it didn't go quite to plan. Everyone woke up really late so I was chasing my tail all morning and we didn't get to start lessons until after lunch (which was a new Biriyani recipe I was trying out and managed to burn!). So much for early mornings and bright new starts!

Kids are reacting to the new plans as expected but we did get straight down to work this morning and got our maths and english done. 'B' noticed he was almost at the end of his math workbook and decided to do an extra three lessons just to get it finished.............. I felt so sorry for him when he noticed an extra lesson tucked away at the back, oh well can't have everything. We even managed to fit in our Arabic practice.

'A' has been my biggest challenge today pushing the boundaries all the way.... the others seem to be relishing the extra time with mum and enjoying their extra work. I want to do so much more interesting stuff with them but feel we need to get the basic Math and English done first. I have tried it the other way round before but they welshed on the deal........oh hum!

Well, I'm off for an early night so that I can wake up all bright and early for our next baby step tomorrow inshaAllah.

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